Steel From Fork Lift Crushes Man

Article from: AAP

A 51-YEAR-OLD man was crushed to death when 15 tonnes of steel fell on him as it was unloaded from a truck south-east of Melbourne.

The incident happened at about 4.20pm (AEDT) in a warehouse at BlueScope Steel in Bayview Rd, Hastings.

WorkSafe spokesman Michael Birt said a forklift was used to unload the steel from the truck when the accident occurred.

“The steel has fallen and the man was struck,” Mr Birt said.

Mr Birt said people were urged to keep their distance from machinery as heavy materials were moved and transported.

He said another crushing incident had occurred on January 19 in West Melbourne, where 10 tonnes of steel killed a man as he worked in a ship’s hull

The man was working on the vessel Cape Conway at Appleton Dock when the steel swung from a crane.

Mr Birt said 10 people had now lost their lives at work this year in Victoria, twice the number of deaths the same time last year.

Medical Examinations Lead To Industrial

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