Safety inspection program at wine grape growing and winemaking workplaces


Photo: koreafreund, Pixabay

WorkSafe WA will conduct a proactive inspection program to look at safety issues in the state’s wine grape growing and winemaking workplaces.

The program will be conducted until the end of 2019 and will include wine grape growing and winemaking workplaces in both metropolitan and regional areas of WA.

Inspectors will examine safety issues involved in both farming wine grapes and manufacturing wine.

“WorkSafe has an extensive schedule of proactive inspection programs concentrating on particular industries or activities and aimed at providing employers and employees with information on how to make workplaces safer,” said WorkSafe Director Chris Kirwin.

“The primary focus is education, but enforcement action will be taken during the program if breaches of the laws are found.”

During the inspection program, inspectors will be focussing on priority areas of manual tasks, electricity, slips, trips and falls, mobile plant and vehicle movement and use of hazardous substances. They will also look at safety issues that are more specific to the industry like farm machinery, agricultural/quad bikes, inductions, guarding of plant and personal protective equipment.

“These proactive inspection programs aim to help employers to comply with workplace safety and health laws, and we firmly believe that raising awareness is the best way in which to lessen the risk of work-related injury and illness,” said Mr. Kirwin.

A checklist for this program can be accessed by calling WorkSafe on 1300 307877 or through their website.

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