Safe Work Australia releases new report on measuring and reporting on work health and safety report


SafeWork Australia has published a new report on processes for gathering and communicating work health and safety performance information.

WHS reporting should provide relevant, robust and timely information to inform decisions that influence ongoing business performance.

The Measuring and reporting on work health and safety report provides and evidence-based framework to help guide the WHS decisions of an organisation’s officers.

“This report provides a framework for identifying the ‘right’ questions about WHS knowledge, controls, performance and assurance; for helping identify and interpret the appropriate WHS KPIs to inform those deliberations; for designing useful WHS reports and for considering WHS performance data in a way that can add value to business decisions,” the report stated.

“In doing so, the dimensional nature of WHS performance is illustrated and the clear pitfalls of relying on one-dimensional injury data explored.”

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