Barangaroo Boss Takes Heat after Fire Re-ignites

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Workers at a construction site of the Barangaroo development scrambled for safety after smouldering coals from a blaze a couple of weeks ago re-ignited Friday.

About 20 workers were ordered to stay put while others were asked to evacuate the area as smouldering coals suddenly re-ignited. Lend Lease reportedly said that the latest evacuation had gone to plan but according to reports the emergency procedure had failed. Luckily, the fire was quickly extinguished and no one was hurt during the blaze.

CFMEU state secretary Brian Parker was said to be displeased by the recent incident saying that the safety of the workers were put in peril. He said that he was very furious at the management whose evacuation plan allegedly failed when the blaze suddenly re-ignited. He cited that twenty of the workers were ordered to stay inside the site despite the danger that is lurking when the coal re-ignited. A Land Lease employee who is running the site was said to have apologized for the incident and took the blame for the blaze.

NSW Fire and Rescue said that the March 12 fire could have been caused accidentally, saying that a worker using an oxyacetylene torch may have failed to put off a smouldering piece of steel which could have fell one level causing the blaze.

The fire which according to sources, could have been caused by an extremely flammable gap filler and polystyrene moulds, created a massive standstill in Sydney amid fears that a 11 metre high crane might fall on the street. The crane was eventually dismantled Sunday.

Sources also said that although it was a bit unusual for a fire to flare up a week later after it was extuinguished, it is not uncommon as well. Another source also added that oxy-cutting in closed or confined spaces is not a good idea.

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