Small business safety page launched


A new online assistance program to help small businesses comply with their workplace safety and health obligation s have been launched on Monday.

WorkSafe WA Commissioner Lex McCulloch introduced the Small Business Safety web page to 209,000 small businesses in Western Australia and encouraged them to complete a simple questionnaire.

“Once completed, the questionnaire provides small business owners with a tailored checklist of the work safety issues they need to address in their workplaces,” said Mr McCulloch.

“The questionnaire also links to simplified versions of other WorkSafe documents that will help small businesses develop appropriate systems to establish and maintain safe work environments.

“Around 97 percent of businesses trading in WA are classified as small businesses. They employ around 514,000 people and provide up to 42 percent of all goods exported, making them a very important part of WA’s economy.

“Making and keeping these workplaces safe and healthy is crucial, and this new web page aims to support small business by providing the information they require to comply with occupational safety and health legislation.

“Being web-based, this information is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, catering for small business owners and employers who are aware do not have a lot of spare time during the working day.

“I urge WA small business owners to go to the website, complete the simple questionnaire, look at the extra information provided and start addressing the work safety issues that appear in their tailored checklist.

“Research has shown that many small businesses do not know where to start in ensuring their workplaces are safe, and this website will make it much easier for them to begin the process.”

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