Severe lightning storm, a risk to operators of dangerous goods


Photo: SafetyCulture Library


Photo: SafetyCulture Library

Severe lightning storms can be a safety threat to operators of flammable dangerous goods and explosives. The Department of Mines and Petroleums (DMP) said, lightning can be a potential ignition source for flammable dangerous good and explosives.

Principal Dangerous Goods Peter Xanthis is reminding operators to prioritise safety when severe lightning storms are in the vicinity.

“With all the thunderstorm activity over the past week, it is timely to remind operators about the risks associated with lightning when loading and unloading flammable dangerous goods,” said Mr Xanthis.

“This is why the Department of Mines and Petroleum recommends operators suspend loading and unloading of flammable dangerous goods (for example petrol) when severe lightning storms are in the vicinity.

“It is also recommended that all tank openings are closed during a lightning storm if it is safe to do so.”

More information on handling dangerous goods can be found on the DMP website.

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