Worker suffers burns in North Hobart workplace incident


Photo: SafetyCulture Library

A 32-year-old man suffered serious burns in a workplace incident in north Hobart Monday morning.

The man was working in a trench on Arygle Street near the corner of Burnett Street when he reportedly struck electric cables.

Witnesses reported hearing loud explosions.

The incident happened near Phil Hoskinson’s business, according to ABC News.

Mr. Hoskinson said the man was on fire when he got himself out of the trench.

“It was really loud,” he told ABC News.

“It wasn’t like a bomb explosion — more like a fume explosion, a buildup of gases.

“We just saw the big plume of smoke, grabbed the fire extinguisher, and the bloke was there on our doorstep.”

“We’ve dragged him into the workshop and he’s stopped breathing for a while, so we just made him comfortable and rolled him on to his side,” Mr. Hoskinson said.

“He started breathing again and we just waited for the ambulance to arrive.

“All his clothes were melted off, he had protective clothing on, which were all melted.

The man was rushed to Royal Hobart Hospital to be treated for his injuries.

Police and fire crews attended the scene.

WorkSafe Tasmania has launched an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident.

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