TruckSafe operators ready to meet changes to the chain of responsibility laws


TruckSafe accredited operators expressed their readiness for the upcoming changes to the chain of responsibility laws.

The reforms which are scheduled to come into force in mid-2018 will align chain of responsibility laws more closely with workplace health and safety laws. They include a general safety duty and the extension of chain of responsibility to vehicle maintenance.

“The board has reviewed the new chain of responsibility provisions and the consultation draft of the master registered code of practice being developed by the ATA and Australian Logistics Council,” said TruckSafe Chair, Ferdie Kroon.

“We worked through the provisions in detail, and the good news is that TruckSafe accredited operators are well positioned to meet the new requirements of the law and the draft master code.

“Our operators worked very hard in 2016 to upgrade their safety management systems to meet the new standards, which came into force on 1 January 2017.”

Mr. Kroon said accredited operators now have controls in place, such as business practices, training, procedures and review processes to help them identify, assess, evaluate and control risk; manage compliance with speed, fatigue, mass, dimension, loading and vehicle standards requirements; meet regular reporting requirements; document or record actions taken to manage safety.

“All the hard work last year will pay off for operators in 2018,” he said.

TruckSafe will inform operators of any changes to the TruckSafe standards before the chain or responsibility reforms are implemented.

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