Stressed NT principals can now apply for $600 grant for wellness programs

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Stressed principals in the Northern Territory will now be able to receive $600 from the Government to use for gym memberships and wellness programs.

NT Education Minister Eva Lawler said this move aims to ease the pressure on the heads of Territory schools and retain staff.

“The principals can use it to manage stress; it might be attending [or] learning about how to have a difficult conversation with a staff member or parent,” Ms. Lawler told ABC Darwin.

The NT Government worked with the Northern Territory’s Principals’ Association in developing the grant scheme.

“As we all know, the Territory is not an easy please to live at times, it can be isolating,” said association president Sabina Smith.

“The principal’s role is to bring you’re A-game every day.

“Stress is a significant factor for principals in terms of maintaining their well-being and we understand the impact that might have in the wider community.”

The grant is just one of the many initiatives under the NT Principal Well-being Framework that has been launched in 2017.

Ms. Smith said that it was important that principals look after their wellbeing as they fulfill government requirements and expectations of stakeholders.

“If we are to manage daily and ongoing stressors – of which workload is one of many, we need to look after ourselves and each other,” Ms. Smith told The Educator.

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