Sewage smell caused workers off the job in Breakwater


The stench from a sewer pump station near a Breakwater construction site forced workers off site due to possible illness it could cause.

According to Geelong Advertiser, the odour was likened to the smell of rotten eggs and has caused a complaint of illness and several other reports.

A spokeswoman for the water services company managing the construction site said odour associated with sewerage infrastructure was common there.

“We have, however, been managing an odour from a sewer pump station near the construction site for a number of months,” Geelong Advertiser quoted her as saying.

“The pump station predominantly handles domestic sewage, primarily generating hydrogen sulphide (H2S).

“Stringent monitoring has shown that the H2S readings are within the Federal Government’s Safe Work Australia exposure standards.”

Measures have been taken to reduce the odour at the pump station.

“Those improvement works will also ensure improved amenity and comfort for those working at the site in the future,” the spokeswoman said.

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