Recycling facility shut down following discovery of safety issues


Photo: rsz, Pixabay

A recycling facility in Canberra has been shut down following the discovery of safety issues at its Hume site.

Several prohibition notices were issued by WorkSafe ACT on Thursday evening after an inspection revealed several problems including electrical issues, problems with fuel and gas supply, missing fire extinguishers and piles of rubbles blocking safety exits.

No safety rails were found around dangerous equipment as reported by ABC.

“It is really poor management in terms of exposing workers to those sorts of risks,” said Work Safety Commissioner Greg Jones.

He said it was fortunate that the issues have been identified before a worker was injured or killed.

“We are making sure that all of those issues are fixed, and they must be done appropriately to our satisfaction before they can reopen.”

Mr. Jones said the plant would most likely be closed until at least late in the week.

“Obviously some major remedial work needs to be done,” he said.

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