New report examines vehicle collisions in WA mining industry


The Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety has released a new report examining vehicle collisions in Western Australia’s mining industry.

The report looks at all vehicle collisions reported to the department by the mining industry from January 2015 to December 2016 and aims to create a better understanding of the factors that can lead to collisions and how they can be identified and addressed to improve safety.

Director Mines Safety Andrew Chaplyn said the report contains information about the types of vehicle involved, the causation factors, site locations, and the activities in progress when the collision or near miss occurred.

“This report can help mining operations better identify problem areas and assist them in developing improved systems of traffic management,” Mr. Chaplyn said.

Mr. Chaplyn said the department would continue to look at ways to improve safety on WA mine sites.

“It is important that includes looking at what injury data is telling us and using it as a guide for industry to develop better systems and reduce harm in the State’s mining industry,” Mr. Chaplyn said.

As well as the vehicle collision report, the department also released a series of graphs based on the data from the report.

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