Mandatory labour hire licensing scheme to start soon in Queensland


Queensland will soon establish a mandatory labour hire licensing scheme on 16 April 2018 to protect labour hire workers and safeguard labour hire providers that are ethical and responsible.

All labour hire providers in Queensland will need to be licensed including passing a fit-and-proper person test; complying with workplace laws, including workers’ compensation, wages and superannuation; paying licence fee; and reporting regularly on their operations.

This scheme will be supported by stiff penalties. Offenders will be liable for criminal prosecution.

A new labour hire licensing website will be available early this year and will provide information about the scheme and rights and obligations for labour hire providers, users of labour hire and workers. Labour hire providers will be able to apply for or renew their licence, complete reports and pay fees via the website; users of labour hire and workers will be able to check that a provider is licensed, lodge complaints and view compliance reports.

More information about the scheme is available on the Regulation of the labour hire industry page.

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