Grants for sun safety education and awareness programs


Almost $900,000 in Healthway grants for sun safety education and awareness programs have been announced lately.

Health Minister Roger Cook said the grants which will be used for the education and promotion of sun safety to reduce incidents of skin cancer will total $899,956.

A grant of $825,000 has been allocated to the Cancer Council of Western Australia to continue its SunSmart awareness campaign until the end of 2020.

The funding, which has been provided by the State Government through Heathway, will go towards sun protection awareness-raising initiatives such as the continuation of the digital outdoor worker ultraviolet (UV) daily campaign and SunSmart fashion project in partnership with Curtin University.

“The State Government is committed to supporting initiatives which education the community about skin cancer and prevention,” said Health Minister Cook.

“By remembering to slip, slop, slap, seek and slide when the UV is 3 or higher, people can minimise their exposure to UV radiation, and reduce their risk of developing skin cancers.”

More than $74,000 has also been granted to the Telethon Kids Institute to develop and test an online tool for teenagers, those aged 12-13, to improve awareness of good sun protection and Vitamin D.

“During the height of summer, while many of us are holidaying and spending time outdoors, it is timely to remember the importance of sun safe behaviour to help prevent skin cancer,” said Minister Cook.

Two in three Australians will develop skin cancer before the age of 70, and every year more than 2,300 people die from the disease.

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