Crackdown on dodgy building certifiers under way


A crackdown on dodgy building certifiers has been announced by the NSW Government.

The announcement was made after a crack was discovered in a pre-cast concrete panel inside Sydney’s Opal Tower. This prompted an emergency evacuation over fears that the building was structurally unsafe.

ABC says the government launched an investigation into the incident but has been under pressure to ensure the safety of buildings in Sydney that have shot up in recent years.

“If you’re a certifier who’s done the wrong thing, I will find you and I will throw the book at you,” Minister for Better Regulation Matt Kean said.

“I will rub you out of the industry if you’re found to be doing the wrong thing.”

The government will conduct a large compliance operation which will audit 25-30 percent of certification work every year.

“We’re looking at buildings that are currently being constructed and buildings that have gone up in recent times,” said Mr. Kean.

Under a new disciplinary policy, those found to be corrupt will immediately be kicked out of the industry.

Mr. Kean also hinted more changes to the building industry may happen soon.

“I want to make sure we do whatever is possible to give the public confidence that the buildings that they are living in across Sydney are safe,” he said.

2 thoughts on “Crackdown on dodgy building certifiers under way

    1. Like many issues in the building industry, wait till you find a problem then throw all and sundry in the mix to try and find a solution. Who signs off on the Pre-cast products? Is there a paper trail to follow through to the placement on site? It is not only the Certifiers that are failing in their duty. The builders should be demanding that Certifiers are following up on their inspections so the builders insurance will cover it. What if there is an insurance claim from the builder and he cannot find the paperwork to verify the inspections and sign off. Insurance companies will be wiping their hands of the whole thing. I hope Government does go through these guys and sorts out the rubbish, but what will be done for the people left holding a structure that has not been through the proper process and more problems are found. who will be left holding the bag?

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