ACT: Man Burnt in Restaurant Fire

WorkSafe ACT is investigating an explosion at a Canberra restaurant on Wednesday which has left a man with serious burns.

Emergency services were called to the restaurant in Braddon just after 8:30pm.

About 40 people were safely evacuated.

Fire Brigade District Officer Ron Weston says the blast came from the kitchen.

“A can containing butane had exploded. It was heated by the pizza oven. That resulted in a fireball. The staff quickly extinguished what fire resulted from the small explosion,” he said.

“This sort of situation can’t be taken lightly. It was quite a severe explosion. Butane cans, when they do explode they send off quite an instant fireball, so it could have been a lot worse.”

Work safety commissioner Mark McCabe says harsh penalties could be imposed if safety rules were breached.

“It sounds like the injuries are very serious indeed, and these kind of incidents can very easily lead to fatalities,” he said.

“From the little that we know at this stage, it does appear that this might have been an avoidable accident as well, and of course, that’s the most worrying aspect of all.”

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