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Therese Elago is an enthusiastic news writer in the SafetyCulture team. She shares the same passion for the benefit that can be found in sharing safety information with the world. We can help promote awareness and keep employers up to date in the industry. These news stories help people see things from a different perspective, and can even stop similar incidents from happening again.

Therese Elago

Lee Kibeiks brings over 12 years of OHS experience to the SafetyCulture team. Working as an inspector for WorkSafe Victoria gave Lee first-hand experience of what is required to successfully implement OHS Systems. Now based in Connecticut, USA, Lee prides herself on being able to take OHS legislation and turn it into language that an employee can understand and use to help them work safer.

Lee Kibeiks

Haydee Tandinco shares the SafetyCulture passion for helping others. Keeping abreast of world events and safety news, Haydee is an invaluable member of the news writing team. Information is very powerful, by researching safety-related news, I can help spread the word on these stories, and maybe one day it will even save somebody from an incident. That’s what motivates me!

Haydee Tandinco

Angela Young joins SafetyCulture’s ranks from a varied background in health, education, resources, and more recently; Business & Law studies. By combining news writing with her role as a Customer Service Officer for SafetyCulture, she understands what safety means for the people who are practising OHS every day in their workplaces. To be able to hear customers on the phone, and have them comment on my news articles really makes me feel like I’m making a difference.

Angela Young

Luke Anear brings with him a wealth of knowledge from a previous career investigating workplace compensation and litigation claims. I thought there’s just got to be a better way for people to be safe. So many incidents happen day after day that are just unnecessary. In the end, that’s what it’s all about, making safety a way of life.

Luke Anear

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