Survey shows casual coal miners fear reprisals for raising safety concerns

Reported by Stephen | 05 Aug, 2019 | 10:02am

Declining job security in coal mining has been identified as a major mine safety risk factor in a new survey of 1,000 Queensland coal miners.

Bullying bosses can worsen workplace safety, study reveals

Reported by Haydee | 30 Jul, 2019 | 10:06pm

Bullying can be bad for workplace safety. A new study found that bullying bosses are not just bad for employee morale but can also worsen workplace safety.

Farm safety in the spotlight

Reported by Stephen | 24 Jul, 2019 | 12:28pm

Farm Safety Week aims to highlight some of the practical steps farmers can take to improve worker health and safety on farms.

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Farmers urged to take care on quad bikes

Reported by Stephen | 19 Aug, 2019 | 10:05am

The Victorian Farmers Federation is urging farmers to take extreme care when using quad bikes, install an operator protection device and consider alternative, safer farm vehicles.


Inspection program looks at safety in WA commercial kitchens

Reported by Stephen | 19 Aug, 2019 | 10:51am

WorkSafe WA will conduct a proactive inspection program to look at safety standards and issues in commercial kitchens.


Man injured in tractor incident

Reported by Stephen | 19 Aug, 2019 | 10:15am

A man has been injured in a tractor incident in the Upper Hunter Region.


Young girl crushed to death by tyre in south west Queensland

Reported by Stephen | 16 Aug, 2019 | 10:20am

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland is investigating an incident in which a seven-year-old was crushed to death by a tyre at a workshop in southwest Queensland.


Checklist highlights safety issues for workers in WA schools

Reported by Stephen | 16 Aug, 2019 | 10:22am

WorkSafe WA has developed a checklist to highlight safety issues for workers in schools.


WorkSafe reminds employers to protect workers from faulty machinery

Reported by Haydee | 15 Aug, 2019 | 09:39pm

WorkSafe reminds all employers to make sure machinery at work is safe to use to protect workers from injuries.