3 Things You Should Know About Safe Work Method Statements

Reported by Admin | 24 Jan, 2017 | 10:01am

Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS), they are often a necessary tender requirement and where works defined as ‘high-risk construction work’ are involved, SWMS are mandatory.

Site Management Plan vs WHSE Management System: What’s the difference?

Reported by Admin | 11 Jan, 2017 | 04:31pm

We are often asked by our customers what the difference is between a WHSE Management System and a Site-Specific Safety Management Plan? So how does a site-specific safety management plan differ from a Workplace Health and Safety Management System (WHSMS)?

Is It Acceptable To Use Generic Safe Work Method Statements?

Reported by Admin | 10 Jan, 2017 | 07:00pm

Is it okay to use generic SWMS? We answer some of your frequently asked questions about generic SWMS.

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Actor fatally shot while filming music video in Brisbane

Reported by Haydee | 25 Jan, 2017 | 12:01am

An actor was fatally shot while shooting a music video for an Australian rap group Bliss N Eso in Brisbane on Monday afternoon.

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Tips to reduce risk of excessive occupational sitting

Reported by Haydee | 24 Jan, 2017 | 11:24pm

Physical inactivity and excessive occupational sitting can lead to serious health conditions including obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer, as well as serious injuries.


Pilot suffers minor injuries in crop-duster crash in far north Queensland

Reported by Stephen | 24 Jan, 2017 | 10:24am

The pilot of a crop-dusting plane escaped serious injury on Saturday morning after a crash in far north Queensland.


Asbestos safety agency presents further submission to Senate inquiry on illegal importation of asbestos-containing building materials

Reported by Haydee | 23 Jan, 2017 | 05:24pm

The Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency has recently lodged a further submission to the broader Senate inquiry into the illegal importance of asbestos-containing products following a decision by the Senate Economics References Committee resolving to re-open submissions.


Worker hospitalised after falling from height in Central Queensland

Reported by Stephen | 23 Jan, 2017 | 09:19am

A worker was taken to hospital on Thursday afternoon after reportedly falling from a height of about 4m in central Queensland.


WorkCover WA: Charities and not-for-profits need workers’ compensation insurance

Reported by Stephen | 23 Jan, 2017 | 09:39am

Workcover WA is reminding not-for-profits and charitable organisations to review their workers’ compensation arrangements.