A Workers Guide to Commonly Used Safety Tools E-Book

Reported by Monica | 01 May, 2017 | 06:43am

With a business, projects, and deadlines to keep in mind, business operators have a lot to keep track of. To add to this, business operators are also required to keep and supply a paper trail of documents to demonstrate compliance with workplace health and safety legislation and standards. Essential for compliance purposes, adequate workplace health and …

Why Do SafetyCulture SWMS Have Risk Ratings In Their SWMS?

Reported by Admin | 29 Mar, 2017 | 09:59am

Remember: Risks are constantly evolving, make sure you keep an eye on your hazards and ensure control are added as needed to ensure the health and safety of everyone on site.

A Workers Guide to Writing a Safe Work Procedure

Reported by Admin | 14 Feb, 2017 | 05:38pm

Everyday, we encounter instructions to guide us through performing a certain task in the preferred or correct way. Consider the ‘How to Handwash’ or CPR poster commonly found in workplaces and hospitals.

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SafeWork NSW’s Mentor Program to be launched on the Far North Coast

Reported by Haydee | 27 Jul, 2017 | 03:11pm

SafeWork NSW will be running its Mentor Program on the Far North Coast in 2018.


New occupational violence policy launched in the ACT

Reported by Haydee | 27 Jul, 2017 | 12:34pm

A new Occupational Violence Policy and Management Plan with the Australian Education Unit Act Branch has been launched by ACT Education Minister Yvette Berry.


DMIRS reminds farm workers to prioritise safety when working with dangerous goods

Reported by Stephen | 27 Jul, 2017 | 11:53am

The Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety is reminding workers in the agriculture industry to prioritise safety when working with dangerous goods ahead of the Mingenew Midwest Expo and Newdegate Machinery Field Days.


Man in critical condition after fall from building site in Sydney

Reported by Stephen | 27 Jul, 2017 | 11:16am

A man was taken to hospital in a critical condition after falling from height at a building site in Sydney.


Roofing company fined and convicted for poor asbestos disposal

Reported by Haydee | 26 Jul, 2017 | 05:01pm

A Brisbane roofing company has been fined $100,000 for failing to handle and safely dispose of asbestos.


Workplace Health and Safety Queensland issues safety reminder following serious falls from height at the Gold Coast

Reported by Haydee | 26 Jul, 2017 | 04:45pm

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland has recently released a reminder to all workers and employers to prevent serious falls from height following several recent incidents at the Gold Coast currently being investigated.